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ROSKAB Leadership Model - Executive Summary
Reinhold Kohler

The aim of Kohler´s initial research project (2011-2014) was to derive a leadership model as well as a sketch for a development program focusing on managers and employees involved in multicultural (finance) teams of organizations. Therefore, the first step was executing a literature analysis of a recent and important topic-related discussion. The result showed that against the background of optimizing leadership in a multicultural framework, the scientific discussion has not yet reached the adequate level for the target organizations (big international companies). This analysis of cultural examinations and multicultural leadership leads to the conclusion that there are dimensional cultural-related discrepancies between the countries to be examined that inter alia may lead to reduced productivity if this is not taken into account by the teams working together.

Indianness in Photography.
Maja Jerrentrup

This article explores the question whether there is a specifically Indian style of photography. A survey of photography students from various institutions revealed that though there is little clarity about the actual look of an Indian style of photography, students clearly define their own photographs as Indian. Intriguingly, the focus is less on certain visual characteristics, but more on the feelings they derive from the photographs, a scenario which is reminiscent of the rasa theory. Even though this was hardly mentioned by the students, this psycho-social element seems to have left a cultural imprint but also reflects an act of claiming ownership and agency. In addition, the students identified alienating aspects in photography, such as seeing one’s own culture like an outsider, but at the same time consider it to be integrating, since photography paves the way for a deeper engagement with one’s own culture, and as such strengthens Indianness.

Staging the Other. Orientalism in contemporary media practice
Maja Jerrentrup

The so-called “oriental” has always been a subject for “western” fascination. Today, the staging of the “orient” in (hobby) model photography is among the most popular themes: costumes and props from various cultural contexts are combined to form a new whole. Based on participant observation and interviews, the article traces back possible individual motivations for embodying the “oriental,” among them nostalgia, corresponding with the description of the orient as “timeless,” the need for spirituality, the wish to express femininity, and to work on identity with regard to identity trials and the definition of the own identity through the help of its imagined opposite. Considering society as a whole and its zeitgeist, the phenomenon is interpreted using the concepts of escapism and kitsch, which can be observed in mainstream culture as well. Furthermore, cultural appropriation is discussed as a way to prevent getting to know other cultures, but at the same time, the “oriental” photoshoot is also seen as a chance to generate interest and to practice creativity. The article shows that the analysis of staged photographs offers a base for understanding the cultural context in which they have been taken and/or circulate, and that the photo motifs can be seen as expressions of psychological motivations. 


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